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What Not To Do

Uncategorized — d-ashes on November 2, 2005 at 12:20 am

Kelly and I went to Professor Fury’s Halloween party on Saturday
night as a gangster (me) and a flapper girl (her) and as part of my
costume I’d ordered this .45 Airsoft gun.
Unfortunately it didn’t arrive in time (though maybe it was for the
best, I don’t know if my first visit to the Furys’ should also include
me shooting people in the ass with a BB gun, that’s probably a 2nd/3rd
visit activity at least). BUT, upon the gun’s arrival on Monday, Kelly
and I both had a good, long laugh at some of the graphics included in
the instructions, particularly these two:

It’s hard to chose which one I think is funnier, but I think the
‘casually shooting person in back while reading about guns’ probably
takes top prize. And mad props to Pro. Fury and Contessa for throwing a great Halloween party. We had a blast.

Also, as promised, here’s a pic of Buster, along with Fri, out in the yard the other day playing a game of ball.


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