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What REALLY Not To Do

Uncategorized — d-ashes on November 8, 2005 at 12:08 am

Wow. I made my regular visit to the Clarion-Ledger‘s website this morning and found this:

usually don’t take part in the CL bashing that is such a popular past
time of many ‘forward-thinking’ Jacksonians (both still there and, like me, now gone), but I
have to join the fray here and call them out for putting up a new web design worlds worse than
their old one (which wasn’t great to begin with, but sure beat this).

I’d be quite curious to meet the person that approved this and actually thinks this is a decent design. I’m no graphic
designer, but even I could do better than this. The balance is shit,
the color scheme (or lack thereof) is shit, and (okay I’m getting a bit
geek-righteous here) the thing doesn’t even render some basic elements,
namely lists, correctly in Firefox (heck, even the old one did that).

a less rant-filled and more legitimately critical note, the headline
section doesn’t present anything big enough to be considered a
headline, losing all the article titles in text too small to be picked
out from the huge picture on the left. The navigation area below the
main section suffers the same problem, plus the blue-arrowed section
headers take all your attention away from the articles, which are lost
underneath such large and gaudy ornamentation.

would think that the new look is some Gannett template scheme, but I
would also think that would at least ensure that it looks half decent.
Perhaps with the report that newpapers (the actual paper ones) are
being read less and less, some Gannett honchos decided that a
downgrade was in order to get people to quit reading the web version of
the page.
Heres wondering.

My only hope is that the markup is somehow cleaned up
enough that I can scrape an RSS feed off of it and not have to actually
look at the site to scan the articles. Initial reconnaissance isn’t too promising, though.


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