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500 Spoons

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Buster and I are taking in the Packers/Ravens game and a bottle of wine (well, I’m just taking that in, Buster’s not old enough yet, though he likes to lick cold beer bottles). The Packers didn’t come out of the gate too quickly, yet another nod to the fact that my pro football teams aren’t so hot this year. But it’s been a good run in Baton Rouge, sports-wise. There were some way too exciting LSU football games, and some none too exciting Saints football games. The latter, however, allowed me to drink my first and probably only legal beers in Tiger Stadium, which maybe the most memorable story to tell of the Saints games played in Baton Rouge (either that or the time that the Saints intercepted a ball only to have the interceptor trip over another Saint and fumble, therefore returning the ball back to the Dolphins…it was quite a classic Saints move).

Another sports first was my first NBA basketball game, which I took in with Steve and Scott on Friday night in the PMAC at LSU. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I find NBA games quite boring to watch on TV until the playoffs, and even then it’s only a passing fancy unless the Lakers are playing in the final. Then I have a vested interest in rooting for the other team. Anyways, the game was good. Chris Paul, who Graham watched play while he was at Wake Forest, is in his rookie season with the Hornets and he had 25 points, but it wasn’t enough as Steve Nash and Eddie House (who could not miss a 3 pointer, he was making everything he threw up) orchestrated quite a comeback outscoring the Hornets 37-10 in the 4th quarter.

On Thursday night Kelly and I celebrated our year anniversary by going to Tsunami, the sushi restaurant on the roof of the LSU Museum of Art. It was our first visit to Tsunami and I have to rave about a dish called the Sunflower, which is about the best raw tuna sushi dish I’ve had other than the Little Tokyo Special at Little Tokyo #1 (#2 doesn’t do it near as well) in Jackson, which is my own personal crack. It was a nice, cold evening in downtown Baton Rouge and the lights shown brightly off the Mississippi River, which is displayed prominently through the window that runs the entire length of the west side of the restaurant. It was one of the first nice dinners on the town that Kelly and I have had the chance to share since the hurricanes and it was a fun way to celebrate our first year together. You know you’ve got a keeper when you’re first date is watching Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas, then going over to the Hostile with dog Friday in tow to keep a completely shit-faced Jaysus company while he attempts to break in to his own apartment because he’s lost his keys in his Dirty Santa revelry, and she enjoys the whole thing.

And so here comes Christmas. I hope that with Professor Fury done with school I’ll get a chance to go out with him, Contessa, and Blythe for an evening of holiday cheer Baton Rouge style. I’m back to Jackson for New Year’s and I think I know of a certain couple throwing Jackson’s premiere New Years Eve bash in a certain historic neighborhood in the heart of Jackson. Somewhere around the Hornsby/Keane wedding celebration, perchance I will crash. Perchance.

Alright, the Packers are playing bad and I’ve got 2 new Arrested Developments on the DVR, so I’m out. Wjord.


What I Mean

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Well, I’ve gotten kicked off the couch for the evening. It was already crowded with Friday and Kelly snoozing contentedly about an hour into Fellowship of the Ring, then Buster decided he needed to be on the couch for a nap as well. I decided it was time to head over to the recliner.

It’s a busy holiday season in and around Red Stick.

After a nice, quiet Thanksgiving in Brookhaven with the family, Kelly and I headed back south to meet her step-father, Tim, who was coming down for a visit. On Saturday we all went down to New Orleans to meet Steve and eat some oysters. It was my first trip in since Katrina, and it was definitely a sight to behold and ponder. After some good raw oysters at Acme’s new location up in Metarie, Steve took us for a ride into one of the worst flooded areas, within a block of the 17th Street canal breach. The area was completely obliterated, with cars still on end against trees. I should have taken some pictures but I was so in awe of what I was seeing I really just forgot to. We stopped Steve’s house also, located in Lake View, and saw what the 9 feet of water had done there. After that we were off to The Balcony, where we spent a good part of the evening and where I more than made up for a couple of months of missed evenings out drinking in New Orleans. It felt good to spend an evening back in the Big Easy, and I look forward to some more again soon.

idiots eating oysters

steve’s ‘study’

historical marker
note: that’s not asphalt, but what used to be grass in new orleans

the balcony

Things are cruising along quite nicely at work. Having a full development team in place for the last few weeks has things running much more smoothly, plus we’ve added another project manager and will get a new Flash programmer next week. Having worked with the Django framework for the 225BatonRouge site, I’ve gotten all fired up on the subject. Wes pointed me to the Symfony Project, one of the more full featured PHP frameworks, which he is curious about as well. They’ve realeased an ‘Advent Tutorial’ with a lesson a day through the month of December, which I’m itching to try, but XAMPP‘s implementation of PEAR is acting freaky on my laptop and I haven’t gotten it work yet. Wes and I are hoping to setup another dev box at work that’s more geared towards developing with a framework, but we haven’t had the time yet.

In other news, I’m quite excited to report that my old partner in sloth at LemuriaBooks.com, Bobby P, has taken a job with a software company down here in Baton Rouge. He and the missus are coming down this weekend to stay with us and do some house hunting. They will be moving down here in January and I’m really looking forward to having some of my favorite Jacksonians to share BR with.