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Year In Light

Uncategorized — d-ashes on January 15, 2006 at 11:12 pm

Whoa…the lack posting was getting a little out of hand, eh?

It’s good to have 2006 here. New Years rarely marks a significant milestone/turning point for me personally, but I, along with many other southern Louisianians found that rolling the calendar over was a welcome sign of new beginnings.

Kelly and I rang in the New Year in Jackson with Melissa and Bobby’s wedding. The service was at the St. Andrew’s chapel in the early evening and afterwards we rang in the New Year with Buffalo Nickel at Banner Hall. After the reception Kelly and I even had time to join a lot of Glam Family at Jaxxie and Jaysus’ NYE bash over in Belhaven. The Red Stick was well represented as we were surprised to find Prof. Fury and Contessa had come up for the festivities as well.

The first two weeks of aught-6 have been pretty busy here in BR. Work continues on the 225 website, which is due to go live in just about a week. Having finally tamed XAMPP’s PEAR installation on my laptop I’ve also been able to get into the Symfony Advent Tutorial to see what this framework is all about. On the whole I’m quite impressed, my only big dissapointment at this time being that it seems to facilitate fast form creation with its own proprietary system rather than using PEAR’s QuickForm, which is a system that is quite mature, powerful and flexible. But as I said, I’m impressed overall.

Random notes from all over:

Yesterday Bobby and Melissa made their move to Baton Rouge. I went over in the late afternoon to help them unload the truck and was really impressed with the house that they found between Jefferson and I-10 just south of Bluebonnet. Welcome to BR guys! Great to have you!

The weekends have been spent enjoying the NFL playoffs. I don’t think that I’ll have room to complain about the Super Bowl being a blowout if it happens to work out that way considering how good the divisional games have been thus far. The AFC champsionship game between the Broncos and the Steelers may turn out to be a better game than the Super Bowl itself. I found myself wishing that Hunter S. Thompson could have been around to see the Broncos knock off the defending champion Patriots but I’m sure that somewhere in the ether he and Richard Nixon watched that game together.

Alright, this post is all over the road. I’ll try to get back in the swing of things. Here’s hoping all is well with all of you.