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The Greyness — d-ashes on November 11, 2006 at 1:37 pm

I went to bed with the weather way too warm for November and woke up around 3 am to a slow, lazy rain that brought in a cold front. So it’s a low, grey Saturday in the Red Stick and I’ve spent the morning catching up on college football’s national picture and doing some digital housekeeping (thus ignoring the more needed physical housekeeping). I had been preparing for the Alabama vs LSU game today to be a warm one, but it looks like it will end up being the coldest game of the year so far.

Speaking of, Alabama is a team to worry about today. SEC teams don’t lose to lowly Mississippi State at home and then come out flat the next week. Also, Alabama has an uncanny ability to win at Tiger Stadium (24-6-2, which is an amazing road record anywhere, much less in Death Valley). Couple that with the fact that LSU is now on its longest winning streak in the overall series versus the Crimson Tide, and there’s a lot of portent that says the Tigers better bring their ‘A’ game tonight. I’m really, really hoping I don’t have to entertain a drunk victory dial from Gorjus at some point early tomorrow morning.

With the dust settling on the this week’s elections, I’ve been pondering where this whole thing puts us. I’m famously non-partisan, but I too felt the undercurrent of relief that came with the changing of the guard with the House and Senate. I have a sneaky suspicion that the ceremony of Democrats being respectful winners and the Republicans being graceful losers will soon deteriorate back into partisan politics as we know it, but this early in the dance it is my sincere wish, and I’m sure the same of many others, that a realistic and sane middle ground can be found to get us out of this, for a lack of a better term, ideological and political rut that we seem to have been spinning our wheels in as a nation for the last six years. Here’s hoping.

Buster J has been quiet patient with my need for a lazy Saturday morning, but it’s wearing thin. He’s now making a continuous bee-line between the door and my post at the command center, which is a sure sign that I’ve been on the couch long enough for the morning/afternoon. So I’m off to take him for a romp in time to get back for what will hopefully be an exciting end to the Georgia/Auburn game.

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  1. No call of shame from me–and, even in retrospect, I agree wholeheartedly with your assessments. Shula + the boys had to come out strong to show they had something going on, and while losing 2 scores isn’t great, that LSU team is so damn strong, I’m fine with it.

    Mainly because the two TD’s the offense put on the board is two more than they have in GAMES . . .

    Comment by gorjus — November 14, 2006 @ 1:36 pm
  2. Not an attempt to rub it in, but a legitimate question I have no answer for: What’s happened to the Tide between this year and last? I think Shula is a great coach, and while you lost some experience with Croyle, Wilson seems to have a decent head on his shoulders (I thought he handled our defense really well).

    Word on the street is that AL might be going after Saban. Something tells me that would add a little extra oomph to our rivalry.

    Comment by d-ashes — November 15, 2006 @ 9:03 am
  3. Ashes! Hey, how are you liking the baseballriffic Brothers K? I read it a while back and loved it, but it was a real while back.

    We gots to get together upon our return from U-rope.

    Comment by Prof Fury — November 16, 2006 @ 3:56 pm

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