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RIP, David Halberstam…

The Ashes — d-ashes on April 23, 2007 at 9:03 pm

Growing up an Atlanta Brave’s fan in the 1980’s, I didn’t have much (okay, any) firsthand experience of the excitement that a tight pennant race could generate. I had to get my knowledge second-hand, and perhaps no book clued me in with such poignancy as David Halberstam’s The Summer of ’49, one of the most loved books in the baseball canon. So it is with a note of sadness and appreciation that I saw that Mr. Halberstam, a Pulitzer prize winner whose accomplishments extended well beyond his much-loved sports books into political and social journalism, died today, the victim of a car crash.

RIP, David Halberstam

So I’ve poured a stiff drink, and make my toast to Mr. Halberstam. There is, no doubt, baseball in the great beyond, and here’s hoping you’ve got good seats.


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