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Dirty Projectors @ Spanish Moon

Minutiae — d-ashes on September 19, 2007 at 2:04 pm

So, I haven’t been privy to a good live music show here in Baton Rouge in way too long (which is not the fault of Baton Rouge inasmuch that of my own lazy ass). I was perusing Alex Cook’s latest ‘Record Crate’ entry over at 225batonrouge and did some follow up on Saturday night’s Spanish Moon show, which introduced me to the Dirty Projectors, who immediately caught my ear and sound like something that will be quite interesting to hear reproduced live. Alex has indicated that he missed their last stop through town and was told it was ‘the show of the year.’ So that sounds like a show to make for sure, and hopefully I’ll be looking to celebrate an LSU win against the undefeated Gamecocks of South Carolina.

There’s been an oh so subtle shift in the weather down here in the Red Stick, with the morning holding on to a pleasant coolness for a few hours before the heat of the day hits. Wgo is looking to have a fire for the Autumnal Equinox celebration we’re throwing on Sunday and while that might be a bit on the side of wishful thinking, well, here’s wishing…


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