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Fall Fakers: A Weekend in Review

Deeper South,The Wonder — d-ashes on September 26, 2007 at 11:07 am

Well, due to some misreading on my part I never made it to that Dirty Projectors show on Saturday night because…it was on Friday. Oops. But, that was only a small hiccup in a weekend already full of social activities, so no big harm was done (though I did hear through Wgo that Alex thought it was a good show).

The rain didn’t dampen the Tigers on Saturday afternoon, did it? They handled their first ranked conference foes, the Gamecocks of South Carolina with relative ease and chances are if you follow football then you’ve seen our fake field goal for a TD already, but just to celebrate putting one over on ‘The Ole Ball Coach’ one more time, feel free to enjoy it again.

After managing to dry out from the game (which, while pretty wet, was still nothing like the Oregon State game two years ago, where there were waterfalls running down the stands) I headed over to the Clarkitect’s house for his birthday celebration with a tall glass of Bulleit to warm the cockles of my rain-soaked heart. And verily, I say unto you, that with the Autumnal Equinox but 8 hours away, how fine an evening it was to be fresh off an SEC win at home, a bourbon and ice in hand and the Georgia vs. Alabama game on the TV. It’s fun to watch nail-biting football when you aren’t the one doing the nail-biting and Georgia ruined the hearts of Sabanation with one deep pass in overtime, which made for some fine recreational football. I say all this with extreme apologies to Gorjus, who just wasn’t having a good night at all in Bryant-Denny stadium, it seems, and probably still doesn’t want to talk about it, either. By the way, we watched that game with the sound off, so we didn’t hear Mike Patrick giving some in-game conjecture on the career moves of Britney Spears. File that one under ‘Odd’ and under the ever growing folder labeled ‘100+ Reasons I Rarely Watch Sports with the Sound On.’ Another entry filed Saturday evening was ‘be careful when playing the Name Game with bourbon.’ It wasn’t disastrous: I had the foresight to switch to beer before things got out of hand, but that’s a dangerous road to travel.

In keeping with our theme of pagan holiday inspired dinners, Wgo and I put together a meal to commemorate the Fall Equinox on Sunday. I made a homemade garlic and broccoli soup that turned out quite well, and Wgo himself countered with exceptional from scratch ravioli with one set filled with a goat cheese filling with spices that gave the hint of pumpkin pie and the other filed with a squash/carrot combination with an overtone of oranges, all smothered in a home made pesto. Along with Dr. K and Wrestlerette, Louisiana Derby and Mrs. Derby (who brought a delicious Tera Misu) joined us for a fall meal worth of regard, even if it was 85+ degrees outside, and that was after dark. Even more impressive was that a meal headed up by chef Wgo (who traditionally turns in sit down times no earlier than 9 pm and sometimes after 10 pm) was made and eaten by 7:30 pm. For any of you that know the chef, you will appreciate what a feat this actually is.

I did make the trip to New Orleans to watch the Saints get hammered by the Titans. What’s there to say other than ‘the pendulum swings both ways,’ maybe? I’m a lot closer to writing off the season than I was a week ago, but am still maintaining a bit of hope. We are, after all, only 0-1 in the division, but with some big injuries to Deuce and Jason David, the hole we’ve got to dig out of seems to be getting bigger rather than smaller. Hopefully the bye week gives us some time for some major overhauls and this season is salvageable. A long shot, for sure, but we’ll see.

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  1. That game? Was seriously one of the worst nights of my life.

    For some reason, it makes everybody laugh when I talk about it, though.

    Comment by gorjus — October 11, 2007 @ 9:13 am

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