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Deeper South — d-ashes on February 7, 2008 at 10:07 pm

Well, I survived my weekend of carnival, but I have to say that two days of it was plenty enough for me. The guys down in NOLA are slowing trickling back into the real world after their week long Celebration O’ Excess, and I have to say I don’t envy them much on that score at all.

The Spanish Town parade was, as predicted, a Screwmosa fueled whirlwind of fun. This is the third year I’ve spent the day with the PrettyFakes crew, and as I was emailing to Gorjus earlier today, “I shudder to think how we might improve upon our day in the coming years considering the drunken heights we’ve flown to insofar.” The Screwmosa really found its wings this go round, and we had many a convert follow us down that treacherous road of champagne-super-charged vodka infusion. Needless to say that by the time the parade was over we all had our heads in the clouds, to the point that I’ll have to refer you to Gorjus’ post-parade breakdown because things got a little hazy until I headed over to Elsah at their usual post-parade show off of Spanish Town Road. Maddie Potter and I had a fine time over there running into many of the Red Stick regulars, even catching Manda Bear, who was in from Denver, and Captain Fantastic, who we never get to see enough. After tromping through the neighborhood a bit more we all had recovered enough to make a sojourn to Fleur de Lis, where I got to enjoy my king of all hang-over remedies, a wonderfully greasy anchovy pizza.

So with the power of the anchovy on my side I was on the road bright and early the next morning to New Orleans for my one day of Mardi Gras at ground zero. Thoth and the accompanying crawfish party on a gorgeous day in Uptown failed to disappoint. Despite one of the worst crawfish seasons in the last decade the crawfish boilers went all out with five batches, each better than the last. By the time we got to batch four there was much jockeying for a good spot at the table. Culinary note of the day: for the first time ever I had crawfish boiled Brussels sprouts and found them quite delicious.

Despite my intentions of attending Bacchus over watching the Super Bowl, I did end up making the right decision and watching the thing in real time (and really, two days of parading and I was about worn out). Buggles and his wife had us over to her parents’ house on Bayou St. John to watch the game. The parents were out of town, so all us thirty-somethings got to relive those weekend long house parties people would throw in high school when the parents decided to leave the kids at home for the weekend. And what a game! My predictions were quite wrong, but no worse than most other peoples’, so I have to grudgingly give props to Eli Manning on having the onions to knock down the Patriots in the last minute of the Super Bowl. That’s no small feat, but the slate is clean again next season, Eli, so I get to hate you anew, and as the defending champion, even more so, in a few months.

Usually Mardi Gras is the antidote for the invariable post-football season blahs, and yet here we are in the first week in February and we’ve had to say goodbye to them both. Luckily I’ve got plenty of things on the plate to keep me occupied until time changes and there’s more time for outdoor things after work. Another Sweet Tooth issue will be in the works in the next few weeks, so there will be an article to write for that. With the New Year I’ve undertaken a fairly large-scale rearranging of my den (and boy does it look better). While the big stuff is moved, there are all sorts of little projects that have sprung up to get it fully into shape. Attendees of my “Impromptu 80’s Dance Parties” will be happy to know there is about four times more dance floor now, and I’m thinking of holding my first ever ‘Leap Year’ party to christen our expanded boogie space.


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