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25 Random Things

Deeper South,The Wonder — d-ashes on February 4, 2009 at 7:08 pm

I finally succumbed to the ’25 Random Things About You’ whatchamahell that’s wandering around Facebook these days.  Since A&W has been starved for content I thought I’d share the wealth. Without further ado:

  1. When I was a little kid I always wished that my name was ‘Dan.’ I have a cousin with that name, so maybe that’s where it came from. You’d think with a common name like Dave I’d wished for something a little more unique.
  2. That said, I really like my middle name (Vance). If given the opportunity I think I’d enjoy going by it. You don’t meet enough Vance’s in this day and age.
  3. While I seem to be able to remember all sorts of weird things from many years ago, I feel like I’ve forgotten way more, and this has bothered me a lot lately. I don’t feel much connection between the Dave I was 10 or 20 years ago and the Dave I am now. I don’t know if this is peculiar to me or just something you start having to deal with as you grow older. (See #7)
  4. As you can probably tell, I’m not really into the whole brevity thing.
  5. I was the first member of my family to be born in Mississippi. My dad was born in India (the son of missionaries) and my mother is from Louisiana. The disparity in their homes and upbringings has yielded a number of contradictions in me that are both entertaining and annoying.
  6. I got an English degree in college but have made my living since high school working with computers. I really hope that I find a job one day that puts me in front of a computer less than I am now. I think an ideal balance would be working construction 2 days a week and programming 3 days a week.
  7. Sometimes I will be driving down the road or doing some innocuous task and decide that I’m going to remember this moment for the rest of my life for no other reason than to prove I can. There are two instances where this has succeeded. One was in Pagosa Springs, Colorado on a Sunday afternoon while on a ski trip in college; the other was a weekday in Jackson in 2003 when I was driving on I-55 between the Meadowbrook and Old Canton Road exits.
  8. I will make my first dedicated trip to mainland Europe in a couple of weeks. I made a quick 2 day trip to Amsterdam to see some friends while on vacation in London, but I don’t count that. That said, I feel like I should give Europe a break (I’ve been to Iceland and Ireland) and spend some time in Central/South America. It’s in our hemisphere and yet I know little about it (though I have been to rural Honduras, which was great).
  9. After growing up in Brookhaven I’ve spent most of my life in 2nd tier cities (Jackson and Baton Rouge), both of which I’ve grown quite fond of. At the same time I think that the timeframe for me to move to and enjoy a bigger city is only growing shorter, so thoughts of moving are starting to wander in my head.
  10. Dogs and kids LOVE me. I think I stand a better chance of getting along with any dog than 90% of the people on this planet. That’s not something I’m particularly proud of, but I don’t have a high tolerance for idiots and jackasses.
  11. I’ve had my Jeep Cherokee for 10 years now and am trying to come around to the idea that sooner than later I’m going to have to get a new car. The only car that I’ve managed even the least bit of excitement about replacing the Jeep with is a BMW 329i. Those are words that I never once thought I’d say/type.
  12. I have no regrets about growing up in a small town in Mississippi. I thought I got a good education and met some interesting people. Thankfully my parents were intent on making sure my brother and I saw the world outside of Lincoln County, which I’m sure helped a lot too.
  13. I never imagined how hard it was to be a grown up when I was younger. It looked so damn easy when I was a kid. At the same time I can’t understand why I won’t let it be easier sometimes.
  14. I practically dedicate 4 months of my life going to football games (season tickets for both the Saints and LSU). Baseball was always my favorite game but since living in Louisiana football has taken over. That said I still think baseball is the more beautiful of the two, though you wouldn’t know it based on what the major league game has become. I much prefer college baseball these days.
  15. I’m envious of people who have hobbies/passions that they can thoroughly lose themselves in for hours. Like working on cars, building furniture, making music, etc. I have yet to find that thing for me (other than reading) and I think I’d be a more complete and content person with something like that in my life.
  16. It bothers me that I come off as a super serious person. I’m not sure how I manage to give off that vibe, because I’m an incredibly unserious person. Perhaps it’s that I am not a fan of making small talk.
  17. Until I lived in Jackson both during and after college I never had a lot of friends. I really miss that living in Baton Rouge, but that makes those days of yore in Jackson that much more special.
  18. If you’d told me that I would be the person I am now 10 years ago I probably would have not believed you. I wonder who/what I’ll be in another 10 years.
  19. For a long time I’ve felt like I’ve been looking for an un-nameable something that I have yet to find. I wonder if I’ll ever find it, and if I do, if I’ll recognize it.
  20. Spaghetti is easily my favorite food. I could eat it 3 times a week for the rest of my life with no complaints.
  21. I don’t like being asked who my favorite author is. I really can’t name one. For a while my favorite book was “Lie Down in Darkness” by William Styron but I can’t even claim that anymore. I just like good patterns of words I guess, regardless of who or where they come from.
  22. No matter how weird or meaningless life seems sometimes I am always glad to know that I get along well with my family. There are a lot of people who don’t have that luxury.
  23. I used to know a lot about the stars and constellations when I was a kid, but having lived in the city since I was 18 I’ve not had a good sky to keep that knowledge.
  24. My grandparents that live just outside of Baton Rouge are very important people to me. They’ve taught me as much about life and how to live it as my parents have. I also had so much fun visiting their farm as a kid. I will really miss them when they are gone.
  25. By and large I have really mundane dreams that are hardly distinguishable from reality. This makes me afraid that I’m losing my imagination and appreciation for the absurd. Thankfully in the last few weeks I’ve had a few weird dreams, the weirdest being watching in third person as Obi Wan Kenobi (young, Ewan McGregor version) was called into a meeting on a space station to discuss his sales figures. Apparently after the whole Anakin becomes Darth Vader fiasco he’d taken a job as a salesman.

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  1. 25. the other night I dreamed that my supervisor at my internship claimed that despite budget cuts, bacon would still be served at all support group meetings, because without bacon, there was no support group.

    15. reading is a perfectly viable hobby

    11. what about your brief romance with the PT Cruiser?

    10. ha!

    6. construction? really?

    2. alright, Vance.

    Comment by natalie — February 4, 2009 @ 9:40 pm

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