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Remembering Marva Wright

Buster J,The Wonder — d-ashes on March 23, 2010 at 11:53 pm

The city of New Orleans lost an important member of their musical community today with the death of Marva Wright. Her obituary isn’t going to get national (or even regional) headlines, so I wanted to make a point to honor the life of a helluva songstress. Hearing Marva sing was something that once you experienced, you likely never forgot. I know I didn’t. Her voice was HUGE. Growing up singing gospel at the church and at home she didn’t start singing professionally until she started working the Bourbon Street circuit the late 80’s. That’s where my family and I saw her for the first time, and throughout the years it remains a memory we regularly reminisce about. Alex Cook made reference to this song earlier today in commemorating her passing, so a hat tip to him for a worthy selection. Here’s to you, Marva, New Orleans own treasure. Enjoy your stroll in the great hereafter.


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