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Adventures in Mixology: My Morning Glory

The Water — d-ashes on March 15, 2010 at 6:15 pm

One of my favorite avenues to explore in mixology is the creation of ‘signature cocktails.’ Especially in Southeast Louisiana, where, for better or worse, alcohol is so woven into the fabric of everyday life, the idea of having a cocktail that represents your restaurant, business, favorite sports team, etc is a pretty common notion. With that in mind I’ve been working on a signature cocktail for my home here in Baton Rouge, somewhat of a mixological flag that I can hang on the front stoop that gives a visitor an idea of the kind of times I like to spend at my house. The drink was to be named the ‘Morning Glory,’ for the street that I live on, but that name was already taken by this drink, so I opted to call my creation, once it was finished, ‘My Morning Glory’ since, well, it’s mine. (more…)

Ramble All Around

Deeper South,The Water — d-ashes on January 6, 2008 at 6:40 pm

It’s been quite a relaxing weekend in Baton Rouge, much needed after spending Friday night in New Orleans at the Willie Nelson show at the House of Blues. It was a fun show, eventually, but not being able to hear over a pretty drunk and surly crowd was a challenge until we were able to find a spot, in a jam packed HOB, that we could hear well and get our Willie groove on. (more…)